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Iphone 4 explodes, but it was freezing outside so no guarantee

Maybe it is the cold weather we have experienced the last winters that has gotten the legal department at Apple working. Or maybe Apple’s trend sensitivity also streaches to weather predictions, and they knew winters were going to get rough years ago. In any case, the fine print for the Iphone 4 states that any warranties or guarantees are invalid if the phone is used in freezing temperatures!

Exploded Iphone no guarantee

As the Swedish blog ‘Feber’ reports, a Norwegian woman used her Iphone 4 in her car, playing music in the typically cold Scandinavian weather. Suddenly the phone exploded.

But when she returned the phone to the store, it turned out that Apple’s guarantee doesn’t cover use of an Iphone 4 in freezing temperatures. The story isn’t at its end, but luckily the consumer protection laws in Norway and also Sweden overrides Apple’s contract and the guarantee will be valid if the phone has been used under normal conditions. Freezing temperatures is a normal condition in winter, and here we are talking about nothing outrageous, just around 15 Fahrenheit or -10 Celsius.

What whole lot of bad talk about Iphone could have been saved if the store had just given her a new phone. Someone needs to go to business school.

Get more on the story here (via Google translate):

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